by | Mar 9, 2021

Collins Bus®, the industry leader in manufacturing Type A School Buses and part of REV Group, Inc., announces a rise in interest for its Electric Vehicle Type-A school buses across the US, and recently delivered the first Type A All Electric School Bus to Connecticut, the first ever in the state. At the end of 2020, Collins also took orders for 11 Type A All Electric School Buses from California, New York, and Arizona, and has already provided quotes for over 40 Electric Vehicle school buses, in the first two months of 2021.

Collins’ EV school buses are environmentally friendly and offer up to 85% operating and maintenance savings when compared to their internal combustion engine counterparts. They also provide an innovative structural design ensuring additional safety. The bus utilizes Motiv Power Systems Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis (EPIC®), based on the Ford E-450 platform. The system’s commercially proven battery packs are validated by millions of real-world miles.

Transportation contributes to almost 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and is a major source of other air pollutants. Electric school buses eliminate emissions providing cleaner air inside and outside the bus which is healthier for drivers, students, and the neighborhoods they serve. Add to that, electric motors are quiet with fewer moving parts, allowing drivers to communicate more easily with students onboard the bus, creating an overall safer ride.

“For over 50 years, Collins has provided world-class safety* and quality standards in school bus transportation,” said Chris Hiebert, Vice President and General Manager, Collins Bus. “With growing concern around greenhouse gas emissions, we are delighted to deliver innovative solutions in electric-powered buses to our customers.”

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*Collins buses are 7-year, 200,000 mile Altoona tested and utilize a HSLA (high strength low alloy) tubular construction to meet or exceed all FMVSS structural testing requirements.


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Collins Bus Corp., a subsidiary of REV Group Inc., has delivered more than 50 years of the best bus designs. The Collins name has long been synonymous with the school bus industry. After half a century of delivering Type A school buses with A+ marks for strength and safety, it only makes sense that Collins has become the nation’s most trusted bus manufacturer across every segment. From Type A school buses to today’s Collins commercial bus, passengers and businesses can place their trust in Collins’ engineering and innovation as much as the company itself.

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